Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our darling Passive Agressive Boat Captain

One thing that I was reminded of is that Trish does not get ready quickly.  She's one who has to have her coffee before she starts to get dressed.  Note to self, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than what you thought you'd need to.

We got on a canal boat cruise, and it was great.  But honestly, did we have to run into the poster children for pain in the ass Americans?  Trish decided that the 2 guys were pilots, and I agreed.  There was no other explanation for their behavior.  Just a couple of snippets from their booth--"Well, what did you expect for 16 Euros?"  "Aaaarrrrlllleeeennnnneee!"  The poor boat captain.  He just pretended they weren't there.  Even when the one "pilot" hinted at getting a beverage from the captain's little fridge.

But the best "captain moment" was when he "accidentally" hit/rammed the British drunks on one of those paddle boat things.  Apparently, Amsterdam has no law against open containers.  My only thought, as we passed numerous groups of drunk British tourists, was that at least they weren't Americans.  The captain would blow his horn to warn these idiots to get out of his way.  But one boatload didn't move fast enough.  He scraped right past them.  The look on their faces was priceless!  Why didn't I have my camera ready?  It was the best part of the cruise.

The people shown on this boat aren't the ones the captain "brushed," but now you have an idea of what happened.

We had a lovely dinner, and got back to the hotel at a very reasonable time.   We have to drive through a country tomorrow.  We need strength for that.  After all, you know the Dutch.

Oh, they seem to smoke a lot of pot here.

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