Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's always a wonderful thing as a non rev when you actually get a seat on the flight you want, and it's in BE!  And the darling f/a comes around with the on the ground beverage service offering not only OJ and/or champagne but also Heineken!

The AMS airport is a bit.....disappointing.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it seems to need a good makeover.  And the train from the airport to the Centraal Station was really chaotic.  I guess I was expecting German precision, but it was more like an Italian free for all.  No clear indication of which track the train was going to be at, so everyone (even the locals) kept rocking from side to side to watch for the train.  And the train itself was not set up for luggage.  Stupid me assumed that a train going from the airport to the main train station in AMS would have luggage racks or at least an area to put your luggage (like the Brits do).  Nope.  But it was a quick trip.  After asking a couple of very nice people about where which door we needed to go out and which street to walk down, we found the hotel easily (Crowne Plaza City Centre--VERY NICE!).

After a bit of a wait for our room, we're finally settled in.  A quick nap and then we're off on a canal cruise.  The weather is rainy and chilly here, so if worse comes to worse, we'll find a bar to frequent.  If Trish can talk me into it.

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  1. Somehow or other, I have a feeling you'll find a bar at some point ;-)

    It sounds as though you're keeping your spirits sunny despite the overcast of the weather.