Monday, September 12, 2011

No autographs, please!

Today was the big day!  Finally, someone recognized my importance and decided to interview me.  Iris, the journalist, was darling and immediately put me at ease.  She took photos of me in front of 4 Hasestraße, where the old Kerkhoff home would have been.  Then we went to the Heimatmuseum for the interview.

BTW, that's Wilfried with us in the photo. :)

You know how difficult it is to get me to open up about my peeps, so I was very nervous that I wouldn't have anything to say.  Well, once she started asking about Casper (I didn't mention his Casanova past), I don't think I shut up for a while.  I know you're all shocked, but I think the fact that she was able to get me to talk about my genealogy obsession is the mark of a great journalist!  LOL!  She really was wonderful, and it was like talking to a friend.  She looked through all of the material I brought concerning the Kerkhoffs, and she seemed to like that I brought Grandpa Joe's pipe with me so I'd have something of him with me on the trip.

Here are some photos of the homes at the Heimatmuseum.  These were not native to Haselünne but were brought in from other areas nearby and reassembled here.  However, these homes reflect the style and architecture of the buildings here.

Next up today--I get to meet Herr Rosche (of the famous schnapps distillery) at 2 and then a tour of the town at 3.  I'm still not feeling great, so I'm probably going to have to turn in early tonight to try and fight this cold.

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  1. Gifted journalist, indeed ;-)

    Sounds like a lovely interview, though. Well done!