Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not Feeling Great

I woke up this morning with that "a cold is coming on" feeling.  I'm about to leave for 10:30 mass, but then I think I'm going to have to take it easy for the rest of the day until the big election party tonight.  I don't want to have to miss that!  And then, of course, yours truly is scheduled to be interviewed by the press tomorrow.

Maybe it's my "illness" that is making me reflective, but I can't get over how helpful and friendly everyone is here.  The hotel didn't require any type of payment or guarantee of payment before I arrive.  Matti has researched things for me (hat makers, education, etc.)--a person he had never met, Wilfried looked through cemetery records, Herr and Frau Struckmann took me on a tour of the area and showed me these wonderful little places, the woman in the breakfast room at the hotel was very worried about my cold and told Trish exactly which type of tea I should have.

I don't consider myself a jaded person.....wait, yes I do.  I have seen some of the worst behavior in people because of my job.  And I guess that now it's what I expect from "strangers."  But these wonderful Germans have gone out of their way for me, every step of the way.  I don't know if they'll ever understand how important it is to my family and how much we treasure it.

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  1. I always treasure those moments and random people who restore my faith in the hope for humankind :-)