Monday, May 6, 2013

A Different Type of Post for Me

Since this is a genealogy blog, it should be assumed that I would only post things dealing with my never ending hunt.  And in a way this one is.  But only in a way.  I'll call it a "detoured" genealogy blog entry.

As some of you may know, my nephew Brandon Gromada died a little over 11 months ago.  He was diagnosed in 2010 with head and neck cancer and was unrelenting in his fight against this f'ing disease. After his death, his mother and father (my eldest sister and brother-in-law) started a foundation in his name to continue Brandon's fight.

Brandon C. Gromada Head & Neck Cancer Foundation

The foundation is always in fundraising mode, as is every foundation.  Every penny counts.  A friend of Brandon's has included his foundation in a fundraiser he does during the month of May.  So, I've accepted his "challenge" and have added his website to my "BlogRoll."  I'm going to admit right now that I didn't even know what a "BlogRoll" was and had to google it and how to add it.  And I'm blogging about the challenge here and including the link.

Beartoons 2013 Challenge

Beartoons 2012 Challenge

If you're a blogger or know anyone who writes a blog, will you please pass this challenge along to them?  The one year "anniversary" (what a horrible word for this "marker") of his death will be here in just a few weeks.  Please help the foundation kick this cancer's a$$!

I wrote an entry about Brandon in August.  If you haven't read it and would like to know a little bit about him, here it is.

Brandon's Amazing Strength

And my sister, Brandon's mom, also writes a blog about her grief.  Get a box of Kleenex ready if you choose to read this.  She's very open about what she's going through.

A Sorrowfull Mother

And this photo of Brandon and me was taken at my niece's wedding reception after he performed his infamous "Worm" dance move for me.  I had never seen him do it and had begged him to do it for me (ok, it didn't take a lot of begging--LOL!), and he didn't warn me ahead of time that he was going to perform it.  So being the good aunt I was, I insisted he do it again so I could see it.  This was the result.  I know I shouldn't be laughing in the photo, but his joy was infectious.  If Brandon was smiling and laughing, you couldn't help but do that, too.

And this is what Brandon's mama wrote the day after his death:

"Just want all to know that Brandon did not lose his battle with cancer - not even a tie. Yes, it claimed my beautiful boy's body but he totally beat it emotionally. Another 'spot' somewhere, he'd take a few days to regroup and then it was 'Chemo? Radiation? Uncomfortable tests or procedures? Bring 'em on and let's get 'er done!' He quietly dealt with side effects that affected what and how this gourmet cook and foodie could eat, but he adapted with comment but no complaint. It robbed him of energy, which affected this athlete's ability to run, kayak, rock climb, camp, etc but he adapted - kept doing as much as he could until with on/off low-grade fevers he just couldn't. He showed cancer it could take his body, but it couldn't take his spirit. He showed this f'n disease that it could NOT have his dignity, his humor, his vitality - it NEVER beat the authentic Brandon. And I do NOT want him to rest in peace - he's too active for 'peace' - but I do want him to move forward in Love..." 

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  1. Marti thanks so much. Brandon continues to inspire me esp at times when I feel I can't do something, I think of him and at least try.